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As the slightly humorous but very accurate statement goes: ''If something can't be found on Google, it means it doesn't exist''.
Hence, a natural step in the development of almost any business, is to build positions and reach among customers in this key search engine. This need is especially pressing for start-ups, websites and online stores, which must skilfully break through the existing results and earned positions of competitors. As for companies already operating in the Google environment - the whole environment in which you operate changes almost every day.
 It refers to algorithm updates and modifications that a site must regularly undergo in order to keep up with technological advances. The changes also apply to the activities of competing businesses, which, by investing in search engine marketing, participate more effectively in traffic acquisition and achieve an increasing market share through SEO efforts. So what should you do to get found in the Internet jungle?

Who does website positioning need?

Google search engine and search results are the easiest way to provide information about your company - its services and products - to the customer.


We are already responding to the specific (articulated) need the customer is asking about, without having to generate that need in the customer. This is a key difference between search engine marketing and other forms of online advertising.

Our potential customer already knows what he is looking for, what he most often doesn't yet know is where he will buy it. Positioning allows you to deliver to your website just such valuable traffic with sales intentions, already in the process of making a purchase decision.


And while the mechanism is simple: high positions → increase in traffic → increase in sales - the means to achieve such an effect are no longer so simple.

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Website positioning - Search Engine Optimization

SEO in simple translation means search engine optimization of a website. It helps the site to increase the quantity and quality of traffic, and thus the influx of new customers. More customers visiting your site contributes to more sales or contacts with your company.

Positioning of the site is conducted for specific keywords, identified as a priority for the industry and business. At the same time, it should be remembered that the increase in position is carried out for these phrases, but also for the so-called "long tail", that is, an almost countless number of additional phrases, containing our keywords and other, extensive, characterized by high detail.
SEO agencies engaged in SEO, build SEO strategy in such a way that it includes an increase in the position of the website on the phrases indicated in the positioning, as well as on the phrases from the "long tail", which, although with less search potential, increase traffic to the web with very specific intentions and needs.

Elements of website positioning

SEO consists of: optimizing your site, adding new content to your site and external link building. All this is carried out with specialized tools that support the knowledge and experience of the specialist in the implementation of the service and (not infrequently) use artificial intelligence technology.


...And in practice,


if you have just arrived at our website by typing in Google key phrases such as SEO agency Gdansk, SEO Gdansk, SEO Sopot or SEO Gdynia - it means that SEO works! - because we built our site and wrote this text according to good SEO practices, which allowed it to achieve high positions in local search results for the phrases we predetermined. Do you also want to increase traffic to your site? Work with Odee Gdańsk Agency!

Professional SEO audit

A SEO audit is the first step that starts any SEO. We analyse the structure and content of your website, including, but not limited to, performing a technical analysis, evaluating your link profile, selecting keywords, verifying the size and quality of your content, and conducting a competitive analysis.

Google Requirements - Search Basics

The specialist verifies the site against the SEO requirements contained in Google's document (Search Fundamentals). He presents in the form of an ordered list what elements on the website should be improved, and the instructions are presented according to the hierarchy from the most important to the least. The SEO audit aims to optimize the site before starting the link building process.

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Elements of an SEO audit:

Website positioning - new websites

It is natural that for new websites that you implement together with Odee Agency, there is no need to implement an SEO audit. All our sites are designed in accordance with good SEO practices and there is no need to implement additional improvements and optimization for them. We implement the positioning service in this case as: systematic content development and link building.

National or local positioning?

How many times have we heard it - our company operates nationwide, so we want to appear high on all industry phrases without specifying location. Of course, in many cases, such as online stores that can sell their products even all over the world, this is true. However, many times it is local positioning that will be the effective direction for your company's online marketing.

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Think globally, act locally - what does that actually mean?
Although on a daily basis we look for information about products and services on the global web, most often we fulfill our needs in our immediate area. A dentist, an auto repair shop, a child's ENT specialist, a bathroom renovation - the farther away from where you live, the less attractively priced the service and the more distant the delivery date.

Promoting a local business through SEO activities encourages the customer to visit a stationary store, salon, office or choose a professional who will efficiently and quickly perform a given service in the customer's place of residence. Thus, local positioning is a process of optimizing a website to maximize traffic in a selected area, that is, among the best potential customers.

Let's use an example - website positioning Gdańsk

A SEO agency such as ours, by definition, can provide SEO services throughout the country. However, the keywords: positioning Gdańsk or positioning pages Gdańsk are typed in the search engine on average from 150 to even 600 times a month! In total, such local queries generate dozens of queries each day. Although it would seem that it is worth it to "fight" for positions on the keywords: positioning pages (nationwide), local positioning is often an attractive enough potential for effective business.

Google Maps local positioning - Google My Business

Google Maps is an integral part of the local positioning service. Just setting up and completing a business card are activities that the owner can often do himself. So what is there to pay for here?

However, there are a number of techniques implemented after the establishment of the business card, which allow you to raise your positions in Google Maps search results and ensure a steady flow of new positive reviews, naturally and safely. We know how to do this effectively, using professional tools in the regular optimization of your business card.

Do you run a local business?

Be sure to learn how to increase traffic to your website from Google Maps search results together with Odee SEO Agency.

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Unique copywriting

Let's make it absolutely clear. Unique and valuable content is the foundation of any successful SEO. Content should be attractive to both the reader and the search engine

They should give the company a unique language, distinguish it and its offerings from competing businesses. Creativity and individuality, answering specific needs, questions and problems - this is what modern audiences and potential customers pay attention to.


And what does the search engine pay attention to?


Keyword selection, keyword saturation, keyword intent and proper information architecture. On top of that, the construction of meta data. A good SEO copywriter is not only a virtuoso of words. He or she is also a specialist in conducting research and writing content in almost any specialty, as well as an expert in the use of tools and technical knowledge of how to build search engine-friendly content.
Valuable content and useful content are the basis of modern Internet marketing. They help in the influx of new customers characterized by increased attachment and loyalty to the brand and the company.

What is Google Helpful Content?

Helpful Content is the name of an update that Google began rolling out in August 2022 and in December in Polish. It uses solutions from the field of AI to truly evaluate web content and select the most valuable content on the web.


The previous practices of building positions on the basis of artificially inflating the amount of content and "stuffing" keywords, low content (thin content) and not exhausting the subject of the topic covered to the end, will become a deserved thing of the past. All of this will result and is already resulting in a loss of search engine position. 2023 is the time for quality and building a position as an expert in your industry. Bet on content marketing!

Benefits of SEO - impact on site traffic

Search engines are an excellent space for attracting a huge number of potential customers. Effective SEO and an increase in visibility and traffic to the web keeps sales high, and SEO is a core Internet marketing activity for many companies.


Referring to averaged conversion rates for local sites (10-25%) or online stores (1-3%), there are no sales and new contacts without high traffic to the www. It is the SEO agency that will develop the optimal SEO strategy for in your business.

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Web positioning Gdańsk - price

What sets us apart is our flexible positioning price list. We always adjust the price of the service to the environment in which you operate: analysis of the competition in your industry, the difficulty and number of keywords and the optimal time of positioning, in which we assume that the site will achieve high positions in the organic Google search results.


The cost of web positioning is fixed for a period of about 6-8 first months of cooperation. Then, after an analysis of the achieved positions, the budget is left or reduced to a level that guarantees the maintenance of the already achieved effect.

SEO Agency Gdańsk - positioning Gdańsk

Do you run a business in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia? Or perhaps in the immediate vicinity? Are you looking for a company that perfectly understands the needs of local business? We provide remote SEO services, but we are also happy to meet periodically for consultations with clients. We have a rich background of specialists who will comprehensively take care of your website marketing. High rankings, positive reviews and increased sales! It is your goals that guide the direction of our work.

Let's get started!

Choose Odee and take care of your company's position in Google search engine

Experienced SEO specialists who have more than one success story to their credit! Cooperation in the field of positioning begins with an initial SEO audit and competitive analysis. The client receives a free quote and an indicative period of cooperation. Transparent rules and tools for reporting and measuring positions - to facilitate communication and presentation of work results. Take care of your site's positions and valuable traffic - nationwide or in the local market.


Internet without secrets - together with Odee agency.

While you're waiting, your competition keeps growing!

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